How Do You Find a Rheumatology Specialist?


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Patients may ask their doctor for a referral, according to The Doctor's Clinic. If it is possible to choose the specialist to visit, check out the local doctors on a ratings site, like Healthgrades.

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How Do You Find a Rheumatology Specialist?
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Sometimes, a primary care physician is not able to help a patient with a diagnosis or treatment for a rheumatic disease, like arthritis. When the condition ends up being more complex than the primary care doctor can handle, it is time to get the assistance of a rheumatology specialist. Most doctors usually end up giving their patients a referral to a specialist with whom the doctor is already acquainted. However, it is possible for the patient to look for a specialist of their own choosing.

There are many ratings websites, including Healthgrades, where patients can look up local rheumatology specialists. Sites like these give patients a chance to find out more about a potential doctor before even making the appointment. Consider looking for a specialist that is close by. According to Pinnacle Care, it is also important to look at their experience level. This is not just how long the doctor has been in the field, but also where they went to school, whether or not the specialist actively writes for any medical journals and if the doctor is a member of any medical associations.

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