What Are the Reviews on VSP Eyewear Providers?

What Are the Reviews on VSP Eyewear Providers?

A majority of reviews on VSP eyewear providers tend to be negative, but there are mixed and positive reviews as well. Many people complain that VSP eyewear providers have poor insurance benefits, while others enjoy the high-quality frames on offer.

As of 2015, the reviews of VSP eyewear providers on Consumer Affairs are mostly negative. One reviewer complained about delays in delivery after returning the lenses for warranty repair. However, another reviewer was pleased after receiving lenses after only two weeks.

Several reviewers complained that they will not renew their insurance with VSP eyewear providers. Many reviewers on Consumer Affairs complained that the VSP eyewear providers have poor customer services and gives false hope to customers. This is especially so for online customers who are disappointed with their purchases. Several reviewers also mentioned that VSP offers low-quality eyewear as compared to other companies.

One reviewer also stated that VSP eyewear provider services are only suitable to rural areas where there are limited options. Others also complained about limits on the network providers covered by VSP.

Several positive reviewers mentioned that VSP covers a large part of eyewear costs on multiple platforms. Others were also pleased with the low costs of buying glasses and lenses from VSP network providers.