What Do Reviews Say About Herbalife?


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Positive reviews for Herbalife products on Amazon.com say that they are easy to make, help with weight loss when replacing meals and taste good. Negative reviews complain that Herbalife products do not taste good or mix well, that they contain genetically modified ingredients and that the company is a pyramid scheme.

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One review notes that the shakes are easy to make, noting that all that’s required is blending two scoops of the shake powder with milk or water. Another satisfied customer says that the shakes are so easy to make, they have replaced breakfast. A positive review states that many Herbalife shakes have a great taste and consistency and are a great way to lose or maintain weight. Additionally, many customers are happy that Herbalife shakes do not contain soy, eggs, wheat, nuts or corn.

One negative review criticizes Herbalife shakes for containing genetically modified soy and corn bran. Another consumer notes that the shake mix contains corn, which is a known allergen, and complains that Herbalife advertises their products as allergen-free. Two reviews say that the mix doesn’t dissolve well and that the shake is thin like water. Multiple reviewers complain of a bad taste, and one reviewer objects to Herbalife, claiming the company is just a pyramid scheme that doesn’t care about customer health at all.

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