What Do Reviews Say About Gummy Bear Implants?

What Do Reviews Say About Gummy Bear Implants?

Patients and plastic surgeons both review gummy bear implants positively, according ABC News. Gummy bear implants are the colloquial name for implants produced by Sientra, a company that offers some of the resources plastic surgeons use.

The implants are made of high strength cohesive silicone gel, so they differ from traditional implants in firmness and semi-solidity, according to ABC News and Sientra. Many plastic surgeons use the Sientra implants due to their approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

ABC News interviewed patients who have undergone breast augmentation surgery and found patients believe that gummy bear implants hold their shape better and provide a more natural feel than traditional silicone implants because, while not completely hard and solid, they offer more firmness than other more liquid implant models. Some patients report that traditional implants feel foreign and watery.

Plastic surgeons report that Sientra implants have a higher safety rate than other implant types because their semi-solid nature makes them less likely to rupture and harm the patient. Many patients with Sientra implants have switched over from previous implant types, believing them to be more comfortable and better looking, according to ABC News.

Dr. David B. Reath, a plastic surgeon based in Knoxville, Tennessee, finds Sientra's gel implants to be softer, safer and less expensive than other implants. However, doctors warn the importance of finding a good plastic surgeon to perform the procedure and of taking good care of the implants, says ABC News. While gummy bear implants may have more strength than other implants, they may not necessarily last forever.