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There are mixed reviews for the BioTrust products on Amazon.com, of which only two, Leptiburn Advanced Fat Burning Hormone Support and Biotrust Ic-5 Advanced Insulin Support, have more than three reviews, as of December 2015. The reviews for both products range from very positive, with 5 out of 5 stars, to very negative, with 1 out of 5 stars.

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Leptiburn Advanced Fat Burning Hormone Support claims that it accelerates fat loss and helps a user avoid weight lost plateaus, according to Amazon.com. Some reviewers endorse these weight loss claims and rate the product highly. However, several of the reviewers giving high ratings also emphasize that they took additional steps to lose weight, such as exercise, in addition to taking the pills. Other reviews state that this product does not impact weight loss, and one reviewer reports stomach discomfort as a side effect.

Biotrust Ic-5 Advanced Insulin Support purports to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and to help the body convert carbohydrates to muscle rather than fat, writes Amazon.com. The reviewers who give the product a good rating include those whose blood sugar levels normalized or decreased after taking this supplement, and those who lost weight. Individuals who give the product a poor rating claim that it is not effective or that it causes stomach discomfort.

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