What Are Some Reviews for Omnitrition Products?


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Omnitrition reviews are mostly negative due to the company's multi-level marketing scheme and unproven claims, according to ConsumersCompare and Diet Pills Watchdog. Some positive testimonials about the products exist, but it is not known that they are legitimate.

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While people may lose weight with Omnitrition Diet products, the cause is likely due to calorie reduction, notes ConsumersCompare. The problem lies in overall and long-term weight loss, as a dieter has to rely on the Omnitrition products for the weight loss to last. Due to the multi-level marketing, dieters get knowledge and products from distributors who may not be qualified in nutrition and weight loss and are looking to only make money. Another negative factor is the cost, as dieters can spend from $35 to $80 a month or more. The diet products may not be healthy either, as some are HCG based, which has not been proven to be safe for consumption.

A particular Omnitrition product, Omni Drops, is unsafe because the company doesn't disclose the ingredients, leading to unknown side effects, explains Diet Pills Watchdog. The drops claim to help a woman lose an average of 1 to 2 pounds a day for 21 to 42 days. The problem is that dieters have to follow a 500-calorie diet to achieve this weight loss, which is extremely unhealthy.

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