What Are Some Reviews of MAX-B12?

Most of the reviews for the MAX-B12 vitamin supplement on Amazon.com tend to be positive, but there are also some negative and mixed reviews. Many people claim that the supplement has helped restore their energy while others reportedly have not felt any different after taking it.

The reviews for the MAX-B12 vitamin supplement on Amazon.com are mixed, with most people rating it positively. The supplement has 4.4 out of a possible 5-star rating, as of 2015. Some people praised its excellent taste and also reported feeling more energetic and youthful after taking the supplement. Others felt that the lozenges took too long to dissolve in the mouth and therefore preferred swallowing pills, but still gave it a positive rating.

MAX-B12 customers also left reviews on the manufacturer’s site, StopAgingNow.com. The reviews are predominantly positive, with people reporting that they feel better, younger and more energetic. Some also praised the level of customer service offered by the manufacturer.

There were also some negative reviews, according to StopAgingNow.com. Some people complained that it was difficult to read the label on the product making it harder to tell whether the flavors used on the lozenges were toxic or not. Others, however, complained that after taking more than one bottle of the supplement, they still did not feel any different. Others also criticized their failure to notice any benefits to their health.