What Are Some Reviews of Lipovite Injections?

A reviewer who posted her experience with Lipovite injections on HealthPages.org discontinued the shots and stated that she did not believe they had contributed to her weight loss, and were very time-consuming to get. However, three reviews posted on the website of Greater Pittsburgh Medical Weight Loss were more positive. One user reported losing 40 pounds. Another reported being more energetic and able to reduce the amount of diabetes medications. The third user reported losing 27 pounds over three months.

Most other reviews of Lipovite report the experiences of individuals who were taking appetite suppressants along with Lipovite, such as those posted on Phentermine.com's forums. Most of the users felt their weight loss was due to the appetite suppressants, but the shots did give them increased energy.

Lipovite injections contain a cocktail of certain amino acids, vitamin C and B vitamins, says Greater Pittsburgh Medical Weight Loss. The injections are intended to encourage the body to metabolize and break down fat rather than store it. The amino acids are methionine, which is said to help transport fat out of the body, choline, which is intended to prevent fatty liver from developing, and inositol, which may help redistribute fat during weight loss. The vitamins are said to help metabolize fat and improve general overall health.