What Are Some Reviews of Joyus Ellipticals?


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Reviews of the Joyus at-home elliptical trainer indicate that the product is easy to use, provides a good workout and is reasonably priced as compared to full-sized elliptical trainers. These reviews are available on Spright.com, TheBeautyWall.com and WomansDay.com.

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A number of different models of compact elliptical trainers are available on Joyus.com, as of 2015. In most cases, the difference between models is purely aesthetic, though a more recent iteration comes with attached resistance bands.

Spright.com's review of the Stamina InMotion Compact Strider notes that the product works well in smaller homes or apartments that do not have the storage space for a full-sized elliptical machine. According to this review, the machine is user-friendly, light weight and provides a workout that is comparable to - if slightly less intense than - a workout on a full-sized machine.

The Beauty Wall's review notes that the Joyus elliptical trainer is easy to use while sitting down and may be used while watching television. The machine has a small digital monitor that displays calories burned, distance and elapsed time. Spright, The Beauty Wall and Woman's Day all note that a workout on the compact elliptical trainer is a reasonable substitute for an outdoor run or a trip to the gym when the weather is poor or the user is short on time.

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