How Are Reviews for the 14-Day Fat Flush Diet?


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Online reviews of the Fat Flush diet program are generally positive, as of 2015. However, DietsInReview.com and DietSpotlight.com both cite the restrictive nature of the initial 14-day phase as a possible obstacle for some individuals.

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Diet Spotlight notes that the Fat Flush Plan is relatively inexpensive and that it generally promotes healthy lifestyle choices over more drastic weight-loss options like crash diets and supplements. This review notes that the initial 14-day phase of the diet is likely to promote weight loss, provided the consumer follows the guidelines correctly, although the diet may not be sustainable in the long term.

Diet.com's review of the program notes that while there is little research to support the detoxifying effects of the 14-day phase of the diet, most people lose weight simply because of the calorie restrictions. Phase one of the diet restricts the participant's calorie intake to roughly 1,200 per day, regardless of sex or starting weight. This amount of calories may be insufficient to support healthy bodily function, particularly for men.

The Fat Flush Plan is a diet plan devised by Ann Louise Gittelman. The diet comprises three separate phases, the first of which is a highly restrictive two-week meal plan intended to help detoxify the liver. Phase one of the diet focuses on fruits, vegetables and lean protein while prohibiting the consumption of most wheat and dairy products.

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