How Do You Reverse Urinary Flow Problems?


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Applying heat to the lower abdomen and massaging over the bladder to keep it empty can reverse urinary flow problems, explains MedlinePlus. Keeping track of urination patterns and discussing them with a doctor may also help.

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Anyone can have issues with urinary flow, but it is most common in older men who have prostate issues, according to MedlinePlus. Almost all older men have issues with urinary flow, such as a weak stream, dribbling or difficulty starting to urinate. Another cause of urinary flow issues is an infection in the urinary tract. Symptoms of this include cloudy urine, burning or pain when urinating, frequent urination or a sense of urgency.

Some medications may cause issues with urinary flow, including cold and allergy medications, claims MedlinePlus. Nervous system disorders, scar tissue or surgical side effects can also affect the flow of urine. An individual should contact a doctor in any case of urinary flow problems, especially if other symptoms occur, such as vomiting, fever, chills or aching in the side or back. Individuals should also report to a doctor blood in the urine, inability to pass urine or discharge from the genitals when occurring with urinary flow issues. A doctor must perform a number of tests before discussing a treatment plan.

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