How Do You Reverse Thinning Hair?


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To prevent and reverse thinning hair, change the diet, stop stressing, limit chemical treatments and use clinical hair growth treatments, according to About.com. Thinning and balding hair is usually an issue that men deal with, but many women also have thinning hair.

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It is best to start with the diet when attempting to prevent and reverse thinning hair, and staying away from unhealthy food is a start, explains About.com. Protein, iron, zinc and healthy fats are all necessary for healthy hair. Additionally, getting enough vitamin C, B vitamins and biotin is also important, as is getting enough silica in the diet.

Relieving stress is also important when attempting to reverse and prevent thinning hair, states About.com. Long periods of stress can cause survival mode, which means that body uses all of the energy and nutrients it has to maintain essential functions, and the hair gets no protection. In extreme cases, large patches of hair may fall out due to stress.

Limiting chemical treatments, such as perms, chemical straightening or excessive bleaching, may also help reverse or prevent thinning hair, claims About.com. Also, it is important to limit the use of curling irons or other excessive styling. Clinical hair growth treatments, such as Propecia and Rogaine, may also help reverse thinning hair and can spur the growth of new hair.

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