How Do You Reverse Heart Disease?


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According to Gina Shaw for WebMD, heart disease can be reversed by eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, engaging in moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes daily, meditating and participating in yoga. Patients are also advised to avoid smoking and secondhand smoke, get down to a healthy weight, remain consistent with all prescribed medications and visit the doctor frequently for routine checkups.

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Shaw explains that making some of these changes can help to heal heart damage, but the disease cannot be fully reversed unless a drastic overhaul is made to a person's lifestyle and the person remains committed to these changes. Some doctors do not agree that heart disease can actually be reversed, because once the damage is done, the heart is always affected. Critics also complain that the changes outlined by Shaw are drastic and may lower the quality of a person's life by living under such strict guidelines. Most doctors do agree that making healthy lifestyle changes can drastically slow heart disease to a crawl by improving blood flow to the heart and reducing the occurrence and severity of chest pains in as little as a month. According to Shaw, studies have shown that even the most blocked arteries can begin to clear if dietary and fitness levels are drastically improved and are maintained strictly for several years.

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