How Do You Reverse Hair Loss Due to Thyroid Disease?


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Some ways to reverse hair loss due to thyroid disease include increasing ferritin levels, getting prescription treatment, and increasing iron and lysine in the diet, explains About.com. There are also a number of supplements purported to help, including saw palmetto, green tea and cysteine. Once thyroid levels are stabilized, thyroid-related hair loss normally reverses itself.

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One of the first things people experiencing hair loss due to thyroid disease should do is get their ferritin levels checked, according to About.com. Ferritin, the stored iron in the body, may have a negative effect on hair loss. In thyroid patients, ferritin levels lower than 80 may contribute to hair loss.

Prescription treatments may also help those who have thinning hair due to thyroid issues, claims About.com. Propecia and Rogaine are FDA-approved medications that promote hair growth. Sometimes, simply being patient also works for those experiencing hair loss due to thyroid issues. For many people, hair growth begins when hormone levels stabilize. Patients may also be able to decrease hair loss due to thyroid issues by eating foods rich in iron and lysine, such as eggs, meat and fish. If all else fails, some patients have had success with extreme treatments, such as hair transplants. Wigs and hair weaves that are attached to the remaining hair may also bring relief.

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