What Is a Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown?


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MuscleMag describes a reverse grip lat pulldown as an exercise where the pulldown bar is held in the middle, with the hands close together and the inside of the arms facing toward the body. The bar is then pulled down in the same way as a regular pulldown.

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MuscleMag says the key advantage of the reverse grip is that it works the lower end of the latissimus dorsi muscle. Most lat exercises such as the normal-grip pulldown focus on the upper end of the muscle, and therefore performing both reverse grip and normal wide-grip lat pulldowns are necessary to create the desired v-shape of the back. MuscleMag notes that due to the increased leverage created by the change in grip, after performing normal-grip pulldowns, additional weight has to be added to effectively work the lower lats with the reverse grip.

Simplyshredded.com agrees with this assessment. The wide-grip lat pulldown is the best exercise to develop the width of the back overall because it directly uses the upper and major lat muscles. Performing wide-grip lat pulldowns makes the lats appear wing-like. To give the appearance of a thick, full lat that extends all the way down to the waist, some reverse-grip lat pulldowns also need to be performed. Reverse-grip pulldowns are also referred to as underhand-grip pulldowns.

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