How Do You Reverse Cataracts Naturally?

There is no natural treatment or way to reverse cataracts, as a cataract is progressive in nature, and surgery is the only way to get rid of or reverse the condition, according to WebMD. However, surgery can often be delayed for months or years with the use of contacts or glasses to treat the symptoms associated with cataracts.

A person who has a cataract has a painless but progressive clouding of the internal lens of the eye, states WebMD. A cataract blocks light, which makes it difficult for a person with a cataract to see correctly. As the condition progresses, blindness can occur. Typically, cataracts develop among older people, but this condition can occur in younger people as well.

A person with a cataract typically notices blurry vision at any distance and often has a difficult time driving and seeing at night, according to WebMD. Another symptom common to cataracts is glare. This can make seeing at night, in bright sunlight or even indoors more difficult. Cataracts can also cause double vision in some cases and cause colors to appear faded. Common causes or risk factors associated with cataract development include smoking, diabetes, eye injury and excessive drinking. Prolonged exposure to radiation or sunlight, as well as prolonged use of corticosteroids, may also increase the risk of developed cataracts.