How Do You Find Retired Doctors?

retired-doctors Credit: Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

Individuals can find retired doctors through groups such as the National Association of Retired Physicians, as explained on that organization's website. There are also regional organizations that maintain records of retired doctors, such as the Retired Physicians' Association of TPMG and the Royal College of Physicians.

The National Association of Retired Physicians explains that one of the main benefits of a group such as itself is that retired physicians can give back to the profession in which they served by mentoring practicing physicians. The organization offers a way for retired physicians to connect with current hospital or private practice residents and fellows as well as other retired physicians. Another goal of the NARP is to provide information about volunteer opportunities for retired physicians looking to continue serving in the medical field in some way.

The Texas Medical Association notes that local retired physician groups are a great way for retirees to stay active in their communities. It also provides them with ways to advocate for the needs of other workers and retirees in their profession.

The Royal College of Physicians, like many other retired physician organizations, has a listing of retired fellows and members. It fosters communication among physicians through forums and emails.

See if the medical board of a particular state allows online users to verify if the doctor has a retired license from that particular state. The Medical Board of California encourages retired physicians to acquire a retired license that exempts the doctors from paying the license renewal fees and complying with the continuing medical education requirements. A physician with a retired license may not engage in medical practices.

The local medical society may be able to provide information on what happened to a particular doctor's practice or, if the reason for finding retired doctors is to acquire previous medical records, where his old records are kept, as stated by the American Medical Association. If the physician is retiring or departing from a certain group, his patients should be notified about the retirement or of the physician's new address. Similarly, the retiring or leaving physician may also offer his patients the opportunity to turn over their medical records to the physician of their choice.