What Retailers Sell Portable Nebulizers?

Walgreens and Walmart are two brick-and-mortar retailers that sell nebulizers, while JustNebulizers and Active Forever are online retailers that sell the devices, as of 2015, according to the company websites. JustNebulizers provides product comparisons and links to purchase each product on its website. Walgreens and Walmart also sell portable nebulizers on their corresponding websites.

Active Forever offers prescription-based nebulizers as well as over-the-counter devices that range from $5 to $500 and sometimes more, states the website. Brands offered include the Allied Hand-Held Nebulizer and the Drive Medical Power Neb II Nebulizer, which costs around $40. Active Forever also offers replacement parts and compressors for nebulizers.

JustNebulizers compares the Omron Micro-Air Electronic Nebulizer System NE-U22V1 to the PARI TREK S Compact Compressor Combination Pack and the InnoSpire Mini Compressor Nebulizer, among others. The website lists consumer ratings for each device as well as specifications, such as cost comparisons, maximum pressures, whether or not the equipment is reusable, if it includes a case and any additional special features. Special designs include lightweight models and quiet models, and the company states the products' compatibility with different medicines.

Walgreens offers full nebulizer services, including payment options through insurance, Medicare, a health savings account or the company's prescription savings club, as of 2015. Walgreens partners with PARI Respiratory Equipment, Inc. to offer products from the company.