Which Retailers Offer Free Vitamin Samples?

Which Retailers Offer Free Vitamin Samples?

It is possible to get a free vitamin sample from Centrum, Emergen-C and MagZuma by completing a short online form on each company's website. Hero Nutritionals also offers a free sample if you have an offer code.

Customers can complete an online form to receive a free sample of New Centrum Vitamints, a multivitamin that tastes like a mint and contains essential nutrients, states Centrum. Applicants must provide their names, email addresses, dates of birth and complete addresses to receive the samples. Samples are available while supplies last. The offer is valid for one request per household and is open only to U.S. residents who are 18 years of age or older, explains Centrum.

A free sample of Emergen-C vitamin supplement drink mix is available by completing an online application form, states Emergen-C. Applicants may receive more than one sample, states Emergen-C. A $1 coupon is available for people who want to try Emergen-C Chewables.

A free sample of Perfect Plant supplement with minerals and vitamins is sent to applicants who complete the online form at MagZuma. The offer is valid while supplies last and is limited to one sample per household, according to MagZuma.

One sample of Gummy Vitamin is sent per household to valid U.S. addresses by Hero Nutritionals. An applicant must enter information such as her name, email address and physical mailing address, along with a valid coupon code, to receive the free sample.