What Are Some Retailers That Offer ReSound Hearing Aids?


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Costco is one of the major distributors of ReSound hearing aids, notes the Hearing Health & Technology Matters website. The Hearing Clinic also carries the ReSound brand of hearing aids.

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Costco is the leading retailer of hearing assistive devices in the United States. As of 2015, this warehouse club offers customers ReSound hearing aids, including the ReSound Saxo. Purchases can be made through the local Costco hearing aid center, notes Costco.

The Hearing Clinic, which is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, supplies hearing aids from the top six global manufacturers, including ReSound. Other retailers of Resound devices include the American-based company Beltone, which was bought by ReSound in 2000, states The Hearing Clinic. Beltone sells Resound products under the Beltone name brand.

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