How Do You Get Your Results From ExamOne?

To get your results from ExamOne, visit, and register for an account using the code on the front of the informational brochure you received, according to ExamOne. Once you sign up for an account, you should receive an email indicating your lab results are ready approximately seven to 14 days after the test. If you don't want to sign up for an ExamOne account, you can request lab results directly from the insurance company that requested the tests.

The website allows you to view the lab results as a list or graphic, explains ExamOne. You can also print a copy of the results or share them with your primary care physician. ExamOne retains test results on their site for six months.

ExamOne professionals administer paramedical exams, collect medical histories and conduct laboratory tests on behalf of insurance companies, reports the company. Depending on the requirements of the specific insurance company, you may need to submit to blood testing, urine testing, an electrocardiogram or X-ray. During the paramedical exam, a medical professional records your height, weight, blood pressure and pulse.

To prepare for the exam, do not exercise or consume alcohol for 12 hours prior to the exam, instructs ExamOne. You should also avoid foods that are high in salt or cholesterol for 24 hours to obtain accurate lab results. Also skip any caffeine or nicotine products for one hour prior to the exam, but drink a glass of water to ensure adequate hydration.

Be prepared to disclose a complete list of medical conditions, diagnoses, treatments and visits prior to your exam, states ExamOne. You should also have a list of any current medications you take, as well as information about your current health insurance policies.