What Do the Results From a Cholesterol Home Test Kit Mean?

The results of a cholesterol home test kit provide an estimate of a person's cholesterol levels, allowing the person to monitor his cholesterol levels between appointments with his doctor, explains WebMD. Cholesterol home test kits provide fast results, typically within minutes. Knowing a person's cholesterol level helps doctors assess his risk of a stroke and heart attack within 10 years.

A cholesterol home test kit generally provides accurate results, but it should not replace a doctor's evaluation, notes WebMD. Doctors order a cholesterol test to assess an individual's cholesterol levels and determine the proper medications and lifestyle changes to combat high levels of bad cholesterol, thus reducing risk of heart problems.

In addition to cholesterol levels, doctors use information about a person's age, gender, race, smoking habit and health condition, such as having diabetes or high blood pressure, states WebMD. Other important factors include the person's medical and family history, physical exam results, and weight.

Using a cholesterol home test kit involves pricking the finger with the lancet and putting a drop of blood on the test strip, according to WebMD. The strip changes colors after several minutes. The test kit includes a color guide that shows various colors with corresponding cholesterol levels. Other cholesterol home test kits require the insertion of a test strip into an electronic meter. A small computer shows automatic cholesterol measurements.