What Are Some Restrictions to Keep in Mind When Cooking for Diabetics?


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Some restrictionsto keep in mind when cooking for diabetics are to limit the amounts of sodium, saturated fats, sugar and sources of cholesterol. Diabetics need to also be careful with the amount of carbohydrates and proteinthat arein their diet, recommends WebMD. Some foods that should be avoided are animal protein that contains a high level of saturated fats, which can include bacon and sausages, relates Mayo Clinic.

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Some dairy products also contain high fat levels that should be restricted or avoided as well. The quantity of calories per day a person should get from saturated fats should be 7 percent orless, explains Mayo Clinic. Another type of fat to avoid istrans fat that is found in shortening or many processed foods. Similarly, high cholesterol foods like dairy products that are high in fats, egg yolks and liver should be limited. The recommended amount of cholesterol per day is 300 milligrams or less.

Diabetics are often told to checktheir intake of carbohydrates to keep their blood sugar levels under control.The glycemic index is a tool used by diabetics to check what foods have a high glycemic index. For example, 30 grams of plain baguette, which is a carbohydrate food, can have a high glycemic index number.of 95, according to the Harvard Medical School.

Sugar and saltalso should be limited or avoided by diabetics. Salt intake should be limited to about 2,300 milligrams or less per day, states Mayo Clinic. Diabetics who also have a cholesterol problem may have to be on a special diet plan.

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