How Do You Restore Your Energy After Radiation Treatments?


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Fatigue after radiation treatments is very common, but there is not a specific treatment for it unless the cause of fatigue is identified, according to the American Cancer Society. Normally, patients are checked for anemia and mineral imbalances. Exercise, along with eating well and addressing sleep problems may help fatigue.

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Fatigue after radiation treatment normally abates in the weeks and months following treatment, explains the American Cancer Society. While curing fatigue is not possible immediately following treatment, there are many things that can reduce fatigue levels. Recovering cancer patients should ask for help from friends and family; eat a diet high in protein unless otherwise directed by a doctor; schedule periods of rest throughout the day; and do important things first when energy is highest.

Fatigue, during and after radiation treatment, occurs as a result of the body trying to heal the damage done to healthy cells and tissues, notes Mayo Clinic. Pain medications commonly increase fatigue, as well as the emotional stress of coping with cancer. Some patients may feel depressed or have anxiety following treatment, which can also contribute to fatigue. Depending on the type of cancer and treatment, hormonal changes may also occur, contributing to fatigue. Addressing depression anxiety and taking medications may help reduce fatigue.

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