What Are Some Resources That Discuss Whether Stress Can Cause a Heart Murmur?


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The Georgetown University Medical Center discusses heart murmurs on its website and mentions that emotional stress can cause a temporary change in how the heart sounds. The state government of Victoria, Australia, discusses heart murmurs on its Better Health Channel website, mentioning that emotional stress can interfere with the force of the heartbeat, creating an increase in blood flow and changing how it sounds.

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Although the Georgetown University Medical Center's page discussing heart murmurs mentions emotional stress causing changes, it describes these changes as a different type of sound than a murmur. Similarly, the Better Health Channel website doesn't refer to these changes as heart murmurs.

Stress can affect heart health in other ways, according to WebMD. By itself, stress can cause an increase in blood pressure, and constantly exposing the body to increased levels of stress hormones can be damaging as well. Studies show that stress can contribute to the development of blood clots, which place people at an increased risk of heart attacks.

Stress can also affect heart health indirectly. People sometimes turn to smoking or overeating to deal with stress, explains WebMD, and these activities are bad for the heart. Some people might also exercise less due to stress.

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