What Are Some Resistance Band Exercises for Women?

What Are Some Resistance Band Exercises for Women?

Some effective resistance band exercises for women include air-sit alternating rows, single-side leg presses and lunging chest presses. Another resistance band exercise women can try is the bicycle. Equipment needed for these exercises includes a resistance band, a mat and an anchor to wrap the band around.

To perform air-sit alternating rows, the athlete anchors the band at waist level. The athlete then gets into a sitting position and pulls a band out while resisting with the other arm. This exercise must be performed with both arms.

Athletes can perform single-side leg presses by lying down on a mat with the band wrapped around one foot. The athlete then brings her knee up to about her chest, and pushes it back down to the ground without locking her knee. Athletes must also perform this move on both legs.

For lunging chest presses, the athlete anchors the band to a pole, facing away from it. She then goes into a lunge position and presses forward with both of her arms. This can be repeated six times on one leg and six times on another for a set of 12 repetitions.

The bicycle move works to tone the abs and back, and the athlete lies on a mat with both legs bent 90 degrees and the band around both feet. She performs the exercise by lifting both shoulders off the floor and twisting the right elbow to the left knee, then the left elbow to the right knee.