What Is a Residential Boot Camp?


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A residential or fitness boot camp is a service providing civilians with military-style training and conditioning. Such locations typically provide rigorously scheduled activities throughout the day, including cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, endurance sessions and deliberately paced meals. Clients commonly stay at the facility for anywhere from a weekend to a full week in length.

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Enrollment in a residential boot camp is designed to facilitate a number of real-life goals. For some it is an attempt to either maintain or elevate their health level, while for others it serves as a preparation site for a later selection test, such as are required by police departments and the armed services. Instructors at residential boot camps are frequently either serving or ex-military themselves, and offer personal insights into attaining the very highest fitness levels.

Residential boot camps often incorporate the surrounding landscape into fitness regimens in addition to specialized activities such as swimming, yoga, pilates, boxercise and mountain biking. While these services are usually designed to be challenging and sometimes extreme, there are also such boot camps that accept and even encourage people from all fitness levels to enroll. Prices often include the cost of the room, planned meals, nutrition lectures, and access to both fitness trainers and camp facilities.

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