Are Researchers Close to Finding a Cure for Breast Cancer?


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As of 2013, researchers have no cure for breast cancer, but there are several new life-saving treatments and drugs against breast cancer, says Breastcancer.org. Doctors can currently select the best treatment choice based on each individual situation. These include a combination of surgery, new drugs, radiation, hormonal therapy and chemotherapy.

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Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase, or PARP, inhibitors are a new and promising category of drugs that are currently being tested on humans, according to American Cancer Society. Clinical trials are encouraging but the drugs need to be carefully tested before being made available to the general public. Other types of targeted drugs are already available and are prescribed by doctors on a case-by-case basis for best results. Targeted drugs are effective because they are able to concentrate on a specific part of the body, instead of being absorbed everywhere.

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