What Are the Requirements for a Stent in a Blocked Artery?


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The requirements for a stent in a blocked artery include a patient with weakened arteries that needs the procedure, a physical exam that shows that the patient can withstand the procedure, an imaging test to demonstrate where the blockages are located and specific eating and drinking instructions before the procedure, according to MayoClinic. There are not many treatment options for blocked arteries so stents or bypass surgery are the patient's best chance of survival.

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Blocked arteries are often a result of coronary heart disease where plaque is suck in the arteries and clogs them, according to WebMD. When not properly treated, the person may experience a stroke or heart attack, which can often be lethal. The stents are inserted during a minimally invasive surgery that will open up the arteries. The surgery, though minimally invasive, does carry risks such as blood clots, as stated by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

To prepare for a stents procedure, the MayoClinic recommends that the patient carefully follow all of the doctor's instructions. This may include avoiding the consumption of specific medications. It is also recommended that all medications are taken to the hospital and that the patient has a ride home.

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