How Do You Request a Lifeline Recertification Form?

Telephone companies sends Lifeline subscribers a recertification form each year, and those who do not receive the form should contact the company to request one, notes the Universal Service Administrative Company. Lifeline subscribers must certify each year that they are still eligible to receive the discount and that they are the only one in the household who is receiving it. Lifeline is a program established in 1985 to provide telephone service to low-income households, states the Federal Communications Commission.

Lifeline subscribers receive instructions on how to complete the recertification form and must do so by the deadline provided to continue receiving the benefit. Those who do not complete the form lose the benefit, including the free minutes they receive from the program each month, states the Universal Service Administrative Company. If you are no longer eligible, you must inform the telephone company with 30 days of receiving the form.

Subscribers who lose their Lifeline discounts need to complete new applications to rejoin the program. As of 2015, customers are eligible if they are at or below 135 percent of the poverty line, notes the Federal Communications Commission. Another way to become eligible is to participate in at least one assistance program, such as Medicaid, Federal Public House Assistance and Supplemental Security Income.