What Are Some Reputed Suppliers of Bone Growth Stimulators in America?


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As of 2015, reputed suppliers of bone growth stimulators in the United States include Biomet, manufacturer of EBI Bone Healing System Model 2001; Orthofix, manufacturer of Spinal-Stim and Physio-Stim; and dj Orthopedics, LLC, manufacturer of SpinaLogic, according to the Minnesota Department of Human Services. EBI Bone Healing System Model 2001 and Physio-Stim treat fracture nonunion, and Spinal-Stim and SpinaLogic treat failed spinal fusion. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the noninvasive electrical stimulators as single-user devices.

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SpinaLogic bone growth stimulator is a battery-powered, portable device that supplements healing of patients recovering from lumbar spinal fusion surgery, according to dj Orthopedics. Combined magnetic field technology enables the device to speed healing when patients wear it 30 minutes daily. Patients control the device with a single button.

Physio-Stim treats nonunion fractures that heal slowly, and the device has success rates up to 88 percent, according to Orthofix. The bone growth stimulator generates a pulsed electromagnetic field signal that it sends to the site of the fracture. Patients can wear the all-in-one unit over casts, and the device has a built-in software system to track patient compliance.

The EBI bone healing system supplements healing treatment of nonunion fractures by using its SFLX flexible treatment coils to send the electromagnetic signal to the fracture site, according to Biomet. Patients wear the treatment coils directly on the skin, over braces or casts, or incorporated into casts. The treatment schedule is typically 10 hours daily.

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