What Are the Reputed Benefits of Detoxifying Foot Pads?


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Detoxifying foot pads supposedly removes toxins from the body, which manufacturers claim can cure various diseases including high blood pressure, cellulite and depression, according to Mayo Clinic. However, there is no scientific evidence supporting these claims, as of 2015.

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Some detoxifying foot pad manufacturers simply claim the pads draws out toxins, while others specify an ability to draw out heavy metals and parasites, as reported by ABC News. The pads are typically dark brown when the user removes them in the morning, which the manufacturers claim is evidence of toxins being drawn out of the body. However, a laboratory analysis of used foot pads showed little or no heavy metals in the residue left in the pad. The trace amounts of heavy metals that did occur may have come from environmental causes. When an ABC reporter poured distilled water on a pad, it turned the same color of brown as the pads that were on people's feet overnight.

Although some people claim that they have more energy, sleep better or experience other benefits after using the foot pads, this may just be coincidental, notes ABC News. Some people may improve naturally and erroneously attribute the healing to the foot pads. The placebo effect may also play a role. People expect to feel better after using the pads, so they do. Detoxifying foot pads should never be used in place of medical treatment.

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