What Are Some Reputable Ways to Obtain a Free Blood Glucose Meter?


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Some reputable ways to obtain a free blood glucose meter are through certain private health insurance companies and some different manufacturers of these devices. For example, patients needing these devices can get a certificate for a free one, as noted by Accu-Chek.

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To get a free Accu-Chek Nano SmartView glucose monitor system manufactured by Roche, visitors to the website need to fill out a form with information, such as name, e-mail address, type of medication needed for diabetes, device brand used by the patient and time frequency of checks for blood sugar levels. With this information entered, the patient can get a certificate for the device. However, by filling out the form, customers agree to allow the manufacturer of these products to contact them with information on products, offers and customer satisfaction feedback, as stated by Accu-Chek. There are many other manufacturers of these devices that also provide free monitors, such as the maker of OneTouch Meter.

AmeriHealth is an insurance company that has blood glucose meter program that includes either a free OneTouch Meter or Accu-Chek system for diabetic patients. To qualify for these free monitors, patients must be either first time users of these device types or currently utilizing brands from other manufacturers. Doctors need to write a prescription for insured patient/members, so they can get these devices.

Patients covered under Medicare may be eligible for a blood glucose monitor, which is considered durable medical equipment, notes Medicare. However, they must have Medicare Part B to qualify and may need to pay 20 percent of any Medicare-approved costs.

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