What Are Some Reputable Online Sites for Basic Medical Information?


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MayoClinic.com and Medlineplus.gov offer reliable information on a wide variety of medical topics, while websites such as Cancer.gov, Alz.org and Americanheart.org provide high quality, disease-specific information, explains the Huffington Post. In general, medical websites sponsored by university medical centers, medical organizations, health nonprofits and the U.S. government are the best sources of health-related information.

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Owned by the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, MayoClinic.com provides in-depth medical information on a broad array of ailments, procedures, tests, supplements and drugs, notes the Huffington Post. The portal also provides additional resources that include medical blogs, videos and a symptom checker that expedites the process of finding answers to specified queries. Information on the site is provided by thousands of researchers, physicians and scientists from the Mayo Clinic.

Like MayoClinic.com, Medlineplus.gov provides reliable information on hundreds of conditions and diseases, reports the Huffington Post. In addition, the site provides a medical dictionary, a medical encyclopedia, links to thousands of clinical trials and a database of hospitals and other health care providers. Medlineplus.gov also provides senior citizen-related medical information through a specialized site, Nihseniorhealth.gov. The National Institutes of Health sponsors the site, while the U.S. National Library of Medicine manages it.

In contrast to the all-purpose nature of Medlineplus.gov and MayoClinic.com, websites such as Alzheimers.gov, Cancercare.org and Tchin.org have narrower scopes and provide information on specific diseases, according to the Huffington Post.

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