What Are Some Reputable Medications for Diabetes?


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Some reputable medications for diabetes are metformin and glipizide, according to WebMD. Patients use these medications along with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar. Metformin helps restore a body's response to insulin, and glipizide initiates the release of insulin.

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Patients should notify doctors of any allergies before taking either metformin or glipizide, notes WebMD. Patients should also provide doctors with a complete medical history before taking these medications. Side effects of metformin include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness and upset stomach. Side effects of glipizide include loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, headache and weight gain. Patients may also experience diarrhea or constipation while on glipizide.

Patients should tell doctors if side effects persist or worsen, notes WebMD. Stomach symptoms that persist beyond the first days of treatment with metformin may indicate a serious condition called lactic acidosis. Low blood sugar does not usually result from metformin use, but it may occur when taking it alongside other diabetic medications. Low blood sugar can result from glipizide if patients do heavy exercise or do not consume enough calories.

Eating meals on a regular schedule helps prevent low blood sugar, explains WebMD. Symptoms of low blood sugar include fast heartbeat, sweating, shaking, dizziness and hunger. Patients should carry a rapid source of sugar, such as glucose tablets, to use in the event of low blood sugar.

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