How Does Replens Help Vaginal Dryness?


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Replens is vaginal moisturizer that supplies and maintains hydration, which helps with vaginal dryness. It takes up to 3 days for the regeneration of vaginal cells, and application of this product helps to eliminate dry vaginal cells during this time span, states the Replens website. Replens does not contain fragrances or estrogen, but does contain a patented bioadhesive substance.

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Replens is different than other similar products because it contains polycarbophil, a bioadhesive polymer. This is the main ingredient that works on dry vaginal cells. This product also contains glycerin, which is a natural emollient.

Replens has been cleared for use by the United States Food and Drug Administration, according to the Replens site. There also are clinical trials on Replens. Based on a randomized trial, this product may be effective for relieving vaginal dryness in menopausal women, notes the New England Journal of Medicine.

Women with vaginal dryness issues may need to apply the product every three day. However, depending on the severity of the dryness symptom, the product can be used daily in cases where the problem is severe. Some possible reasons for vaginal dryness are stress, certain medicines and menopause. The main effect of vaginal dryness is discomfort. Because vaginal dryness can cause painful sexual intercourse in some women, the product also may be used before intercourse.

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