What Replacement Heads Fit the Sonicare HX6710 Toothbrush?

Replacement heads for the Sonicare HealthyWhite rechargable toothbrush, model HX6710 include the DiamondClean, Intercare, ProResults, Plaque Control and Gum Health Brushes. The unit also accepts the Adaptive Clean, Simply Clean and Sensitive brush heads. Phillips recommends replacing brush heads on all their Sonicare brushes every three months.

Phillips has discontinued production of the Sonicare HX6710 toothbrush; however, it continues manufacturing brush heads that fit this and other models of toothbrushes. The SimpleWhite model was in the mid price range for electric toothbrushes. It had two timers to help users ensure they spent an adequate amount of time brushing their teeth for effective stain removal.