How Do You Repair Your Own Prescription Glasses?

Repair prescription glasses that have broken at the bridge by using glue and paper. First, clean the glasses so that the glue adheres correctly. Then, cut some thick paper, which is sometimes found in magazines, that is the same color as the frames into strips that fit on the bridge. Wrap the paper around the bridge in consecutive layers, using the glue to adhere the paper in place and giving each layer some time to dry before the next.

Repair glasses frames using a needle and thread, if broken at the bridge. Using a pair of painter stir sticks, hold the glasses steady with the bridge held together, wrapping rubber bands around each stick to secure it. Drill a hole for the four to six feet of thread to hold the two broken ends together until there's no clearance between them. Use glue to fill the thread holes and dab up the excess glue.

Scratched lenses are repaired using a special scratch removal product that is available for purchase from a store or received from an optometrist. Some alternatives include baking soda, toothpaste and some waxy cleaners, the latter of which degrades the visual quality and require frequent reapplication. Use a specialized glasses cloth to clean the lenses after applying the cleaner to avoid adding more scratches.