How Do You Repair a Dunhill Lighter?

Dunhill lighters are repaired by checking for leaks, disassembling and cleaning the components, and making necessary part replacements. In the event of a faulty unit, consumers are urged to contact their nearest service center, located by selecting the Find a Store or Service Center link from the Contact Us header at the top of the Dunhill home page.

Customers are urged to remove the flint when the lighter is out of use for prolonged periods, as natural degeneration of the flint may damage the lighter over time when it is stored at certain humidity levels.

Since they are softer than those of other manufacturers, Dunhill flints create a greater spark, therefore reducing the wear on the flint wheel. Dunhill gas canisters specifically designed to meet certain quality standards also help reduce the risk of clogging. In many competitors' canisters, small quantities of the gasket sealant is often picked up over time, finding its way to the inside of the lighter.

As the area around the flame becomes blackened by a residue of carbon and small particles of flint, a gentle brushing is recommended with a soft nylon brush. Customers can further keep their lighter lustrous and shining by periodically cleansing with a light polish and soft chamois cloth. Complete user instructions are viewable at the Dunhill website.