How Do You Renew Your CPR Certification?

How Do You Renew Your CPR Certification?

To renew your CPR certification, you must take a review certification class in person or online while your certification is still active. Review classes are generally shorter than a standard certification class. When the class is completed, you receive a new certification.

  1. Find a class

    If you are willing to take your classes in person, your local American Red Cross is the best place to look for a class. The American Heart Association also offers courses. Check with your organization to see which organization the company prefers. Alternatively, CPR classes are offered through the Internet, though not every organization accepts these classes. Make sure it is a reliable company by checking its reputation through the Better Business Bureau.

  2. Enroll in the class

    Once you've found a class, you need to register. Most classes charge a fee for you to attend, even with CPR renewals, so be prepared to pay.

  3. Complete the course

    Follow the course. It takes you through the basics of CPR, including how to do chest compressions and how to provide rescue breathing for the patient, though it is shortened with a review class. At the end, you need to pass an examination.

  4. Receive your certification

    At the end, you receive a certification card. Keep the card on hand at all times to show your certification.