What Is a Renal Diabetic Diet?


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A renal diabetic diet is a diet that diabetics who are also experiencing kidney failure need to follow, advises the DPC Education Center. This diet includes low-potassium, low-sugar foods that have minimal amounts of sodium and protein.

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A renal diabetic diet focuses on healthy, regular meals, explains the DPC Education Center. Whole foods are considered great sources of vitamins and minerals, but some include high levels of potassium and sugar that a diabetic with kidney problems needs to avoid. For instance, a diabetic with renal problems can eat berries, apples, grapes and plums but should avoid mangoes, oranges and cantaloupe. While cauliflower, asparagus and turnips are great for this diet, spinach, potatoes and tomatoes are not.

A renal diabetic diet emphasizes lean, unsalted meats, such as chicken, fish and eggs, states the DPC Education Center. Processed, salty and fatty meats, such as bacon, hot dogs and lunch meats, are not recommended. A few starches are on the approved list, such as white bread and pasta, but whole grains, chips and sugar cereal are not approved. A diabetic needs to avoid many beverages, such as alcohol, sugary drinks, sweetened coffee or tea, and dark sodas. Water is the best drink, although a diabetic can also enjoy clear diet sodas and unsweetened tea.

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