What Are Renal Cysts?


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Also known as kidney cysts, renal cysts are round, closed pouches that are filled with fluid found in the kidney. Cysts in the kidneys are commonly referred to as simple kidney cysts because they may not cause any harm or complications. Renal cysts are not same as the cysts that form due to the polycystic kidney disease.

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The causes of simple kidney cysts are not yet clear. Kidney cysts are common in people age 50 years and above. The size of the cysts can increase with age. Because indivdiuals do not have any initial symptoms, the cysts can only be detected during an ultrasound scan or other imaging tests. However, enlarged kidney cysts can cause pain, fever, bleeding and impairment in the function of the kidney. Simple kidney cysts are linked to high blood pressure, but their relationship is still unclear.

Those with cysts that do not show any symptoms do not need medical attention. However, care may be required to ensure that the cysts do not cause any future problems. In some rare cases, kidney cysts may show symptoms, and a doctor may need to drain or puncture the cyst. The drained cyst is filled with an alcoholic solution, causing the cyst to harden in hopes of preventing recurrence.

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