How Do You Remove a Wasp Stinger?


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To remove a wasp stinger, have the patient remain still, and scrape the stinger out with a butter knife or some other blunt object, as reported by MedlinePlus. Alternatively, use your fingers or tweezers to pull out the stinger. If the patient displays allergic symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, a swollen tongue, dizziness, faintness or hives, call 911, warns WebMD.

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When removing a wasp stinger, be careful not to pinch it, as this can cause the venom sac in the stinger to burst and inject more venom into the wound, as MedlinePlus advises. After removing the stinger, clean the wound area with soap and water, then alternate icing the area for 10 minutes and removing the ice for 10 minutes. Take off any jewelry from near the wound site, as the area may swell, adds WebMD. If the wound is on an arm or leg, elevate the extremity.

To alleviate the pain, administer ibuprofen or acetaminophen, explains WebMD. Give aspirin only to adults. To relieve the itchiness, have the patient take an antihistamine, and apply calamine lotion or baking soda and water. To avoid infection, keep the wound site clean. Wasp stings may take two to five days to heal.

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