How Do You Remove Warts in the Webbing of the Toes?


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Warts on any area of the body can be removed at home with over-the-counter salicylic acid plasters, over-the-counter freeze-away compounds, duct tape or fingernail polish, according to WedMD. Usually warts eventually go away on their own.

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Salicylic acid plasters or solutions work by killing the skin on the wart, which can then be filed away with a fingernail file or pumice stone, repeating the process until the wart is gone, according to WedMD. Freezing compounds work by essentially killing the skin of the wart with dimethyl ether so that it can then be filed away.

Duct tape and fingernail polish both use the same mechanism to remove the wart, explains WebMD. The tape or polish is put over the affected area, leaving no part of it exposed. This suffocates the wart, eventually killing it altogether. While using any of these methods one should be careful to disinfect any files or pumice stones being used in order to prevent the wart virus spreading to any other parts of the body.

At-home wart treatments are effective around half of the time, and warts often come back, explains WebMD. If the wart persists even after treatment, one should consider visiting a physician for further options, like stronger freezing treatment, prescription medication or surgery.

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