How Do You Remove a Wart From a Finger?


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Salicylic-acid preparations, over-the-counter freezing methods and even duct tape all work to remove warts from the fingers and other parts of the body. All of these treatments focus on destroying or freezing the tissue inside the wart, according to MedicineNet.com.

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How Do You Remove a Wart From a Finger?
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Salicylic-acid preparations are available over the counter as plasters, pads, gels or drops, and they can treat warts of all shapes and sizes. This type of medication dissolves keratin, which is the protein that makes up the majority of the wart, as well as the dense layer of dead skin that sits on top of the wart tissue, as stated by MedicineNet.com. Frequently, wart sufferers have to apply this type of medication daily for a period of weeks or even months to get rid of the entire wart.

Freezing methods that use aerosol sprays are available over the counter, and they take warts down to a temperature of minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The liquid nitrogen that dermatologists use for the same process gets much colder at minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit. The over-the-counter variety is less effective than the colder freezing treatments available from a doctor, notes MedicineNet.com.

Duct tape can remove warts from fingers and other areas, as long as the patient keeps the tape in place almost all the time, takes it off only to shower and replaces the tape regularly. Research on this method is mixed, and some argue that the placebo effect is actually responsible for duct tape removal of warts, states MedicineNet.com.

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