How Do You Remove Tobacco Stains From Teeth?

remove-tobacco-stains-teeth Credit: Peter Dazeley/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

To remove tobacco stains from the teeth, quit smoking, see a dentist, use whitening products at home and brush and floss daily. For harder-to-remove stains, consider more intensive whitening methods, such as dental veneers, to restore whiteness to the teeth.

  1. Stop smoking

    To help reduce additional tobacco stains or to prevent newly whitened teeth from becoming discolored again, stop smoking. Smoking leads to many oral health problems, including gingivitis and oral cancer, and quitting reduces these risks and prevents staining.

  2. Visit the dentist

    Tobacco stains often need to be removed by a dentist. Regular cleanings and checkups help to prevent stains and can lessen the appearance of mild discoloration. In addition to the cleaning, dentists can provide professional, in-office whitening procedures to remove stains from smoking.

  3. Use whitening products at home

    After seeing the dentist for a thorough cleaning or professional whitening treatment, continue to improve the color of teeth at home with whitening products. Try whitening gels, strips and trays for removal of mild stains or to maintain the results from the dentist's treatment.

  4. Brush and floss daily

    Daily brushing and flossing are a must for white teeth. A daily routine of brushing in the morning and before bed and flossing once a day helps to prevent nicotine and tar build-up on teeth. Once smoking is stopped, daily oral care can help to restore or maintain the appearance of white teeth. Try whitening toothpaste for added results.