How Do You Remove Ticks From Your Body?


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To remove a tick from the body, it is best to grab it with a pair of tweezers as near the mouth as possible, and pull straight away from the skin. Grabbing the tick too far from the skin or twisting it can lead to infection, notes WebMD.

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Fine-tipped tweezers make the best instrument for removing ticks, but a pair of gloves or some tissue paper over the hands works too. Handling the tick with bare hands can lead to infection. Grasping the tick around the swollen part can end up pushing infected liquids from the tick into the bloodstream, so grasping it as close to the skin as possible is recommended, according to WebMD.

Gently pulling the tick straight away from the body minimizes the risk of breaking it into parts and leaving the head lodged inside the skin. Saving the tick in a plastic storage bag or a dry jar allows a doctor to identify it later on, if necessary, as stated by WebMD.

Washing the area around the bite with soap and warm water minimizes the possibility of infection. Mild dishwashing soaps work well, and patients especially worried about infection should follow up with an antibiotic ointment, such as bacitracin or polymyxin B sulfate, states WebMD.

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