How Do You Remove a Tick From Human Flesh?


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To remove a tick, grasp it near the skin using fine-tip tweezers, and pull up without twisting until its mouth releases, according to WebMD. Store the tick in a jar or plastic bag in the freezer in case a doctor needs it for identification later.

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Removing a tick requires several precautions, indicates WebMD. Grasping the tick around the swollen belly has the potential of squeezing inflected fluid back into the bite victim's body. Victims who twist the tick while removing it can cause parts of the mouth to break off in the skin, increasing the chance of infection. Washing the area after removing the tick using mild soap and warm water reduces the likelihood of infection.

Folklore remedies, including applying petroleum jelly to the tick or painting its body with nail polish, are not effective, reports the Centers for Disease Control. The goal is to remove the tick quickly and not wait for it to detach itself from the skin.

Some tick bites cause skin infections, and others expose the victim to serious diseases. Fever, headache, joint pain, rash and symptoms of the flu after tick bites are indicators of serious disease. If such symptoms develop, WebMD recommends the victim contact his doctor for follow-up care of the bite.

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