How Do You Remove Skin Tags by Yourself?


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According to the National Health Service, people should follow a doctor's advice on how to remove their skin tags themselves. In general, however, one method of self removal entails using floss or string on the base of a skin tag to choke off its blood supply. Another way to remove a skin tag is to snip it off with sterilized scissors.

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How Do You Remove Skin Tags by Yourself?
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WebMD cautions against the self removal of skin tags, saying that doctors are in a much better position to complete these procedures. Incorrect removal can result in bleeding, infection and scarring. WebMD and the National Health Service explain that doctors remove skin tags much like they remove warts. Burning and freezing are common methods, and WebMD notes that doctors remove some skin tags via cutting. These approaches do not leave scarring most of the time, and an anesthetic is applied to the area before any procedure is started.

The National Health Service says that tiny skin tags with narrow bases are the best candidates for self-removal. Anything larger bleeds too much. It is possible for a skin tag to go away on its own if it has twisted and lost access to its blood supply. Skin tags are harmless.

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