How Do You Remove Skin Tags?


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To remove skin tags, a patient will need to visit his or her dermatologist so the skin tag can be removed via scissors, burning or freezing reports Kid's Health. The pain is usually minimal and if the skin tag is too big then the area will be numbed prior to removal.

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These are the same procedures that are used to remove moles on the body. Some people believe that they can remove skin tags at home, but this is not recommended. Skin tags often contain blood vessels and removing them at home is an easy way to get an infection and end up with significant scarring writes Kid's Health. Scientifically, skin tags are called "acrochordon" and "fibroepithelial papilloma" according to Minars Dermatology. They also come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Skin tags, much like freckles and unlike moles, are not harmful and removing them is purely a matter of personal preference writes WebMD. Some people like to remove them because they do not like the way that they look while others want to remove them because they are in an inconvenient spot. One example of this might be if the skin tag was on the underarm of a woman who shaved her underarms. This could be a daily annoyance.

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